Bork Havn Camping

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We recomend the following excursions in the nearby countryside::

-the Northsea with beaches and dunes

-Værnengene and Tipperne

-Blåbjerg Klitplantage - duneplantation

-Skjern å – river and meadows

-Lønborg hede – moor

Cultural visits could include:
   -Bork Havn:
Look at the fish from fiord
-Vestjyllands Økomuseum with amongst others Gåsemandens gård, Fahl kro and Bork Vikingharbour

-Varde Miniby is a park with small houses

-Dansk Veteranflysamling in Stauning

-The towns of Hvide Sande, Ringkøbing and Esbjerg

-Legoland in Billlund
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